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Auto Mechanic Website

Independent auto mechanics thrive on customer referrals and word of mouth but a good website can help. The key is to balance time invested with expectations. For most customers an auto repair shop is about trust and convenience. The plan is build something convenient, trust building, and easy to maintain.

2 Hours 59 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Bicycle Shop Website

At its core a bicycle shop is a community of cyclists. The best thing a bicycle shop can do on their website is connect with that community. Its key to not only list parts and services your shop offers, but really highlight local cycling individuals, groups, causes, and trends.

4 Hours 50 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Blog Website

There are many reasons to build a blog but only one or two ways to do it right. Aside from the ultimate goal of building a blog, its main purpose is to attract and engage an audience. To do that effectively a blog must have great content and a solid platform of tools necessary to promote that content. Boiling down the hundreds of options out there, AwareLabs has created a streamlined realistic approach to blogging that builds audience with the lowest effective effort possible. Our website platform supports everything needed to build a blog out of the box.

2 Hours 37 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Butcher Shop Website

A butcher shop is all about fresh, local, quality cuts. Your customers are going to you because they want quality and healthy meats. Your website needs to highlight your shop brand, staff expertise, and product quality. Your client base draws from within a 10 mile radius, your website needs to attract and bring in local customers.

4 Hours 00 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Chiropractor Website

A chiropractor's website needs to make a good first impression. Clients need to feel confident in your abilities, atmosphere, and results. They are trusting you with their well being. Since injury is the most common reason for seeking a chiropractor, the site needs to showcase injury related content and services. Luckily thats exactly what you offer.

3 Hours 22 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Coffee Shop Website

Your coffee shop is all about presenting an atmosphere and a presence to your local community. Remember you are attracting customers from a small area around your shop, any marketing tasks you undertake must be effective locally. The key to your website will be content that highlights your brand and atmosphere. The strategy below leverages the strengths of what a coffee shop already does to create a solid online presence. Some of the steps depend on each other, you can always come back and complete the remaining tasks later.

4 Hours 16 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Insurance Agent Website

Insurance agents offer a critical and frankly little understood service. The complexity of home, auto, life, and health insurance is beyond the willpower of most people to really learn and understand. An insurance agent bridges that complexity gap by managing policies for individuals and families. A good insurance agent website will help bridge that gap by offering compelling information online that helps people trust the agent and engage them.

3 Hours 12 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Law Firm Website

Your law firm needs to present confidence and instill a sense of professionalism in your clients. Law has many segments, your site needs to focus on providing the right content for your specialty. The key to your website will be providing enough expertise online to instill confidence. Testimonials and a history of past clients goes a long way to impress. We will leverage your existing and new cases to build up a site full of rich client professional content without forcing you to babysit your website daily.

3 Hours 14 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Marketing Agency Website

A good marketing agency leads by example and so should a marketing agency website. Having a great look and feel is as important as demonstrating processes that convert visitors into customers. For marketing agencies the core of a good website is showcasing a portfolio, introducing the team, and creating landing pages that convert.

3 Hours 17 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Online Store Website

Shopping online is almost always a discretionary activity. Consumers can get any item from dozens of online vendors, margins are thin, and distractions are plentiful. On top of all that, search engines are assigning more and more value to user behavior to determine search rank for sites. Sites with more users and longer visits typically do better at sales. As a result the focus for commerce is to build a funnel that attracts, engages, convinces, and converts customers.

3 Hours 00 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Personal Website

Marketing and branding yourself is much easier when you have complete control of your online presence. Online image today is composed of subtle nuances that are difficult to capture when spread across different websites. You are the books you read, the invoices you send to clients, the restaurants you endorse, and the fund raisers you organize. Shouldn't all that be in one place, called your website? The modern professional needs to focus on bringing every aspect of his/her professional and personal life under one site. This makes it easier to capture and leverage the things you do every day as personal marketing and branding material.

3 Hours 52 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Photography Website

Photography is the art of capturing moments and sharing them with others. You're great at photographing the moments, shouldn't your website be great at showing them off? Your website should inspire people to hire you for your abilities, it should clearly indicate how to engage your services, and it should give your clients the opportunity to recommend you to others. With those goals in mind AwareLabs can help you build the perfect photography website.

3 Hours 34 Minutes Build This Site ▶

Private School Website

Schools already do great things, you just have to make sure the parents can see that. As busy as most administrators are its tough to stay on top of everything. Thats why its important to showcase only the key assets like teachers, facilities, and parent testimonials on your website.

4 Hours 01 Minutes Build This Site ▶

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You can contact us, we'd be happy to create a guide for your business. If you work with one of our geniuses, they will be able to custom tailor a site for your specific needs.

Am I making or marketing a site?

Both, each guide is a walk through of not only how to build a website but structure it to meet the specific marketing needs of your business. Your website becomes your marketing team.

Every site is unique?

Absolutely, each guide uniquely combines over 32 different functional capabilities and 7 unique theme adjustments which can build billions of unique sites with millions of theme possibilities. In this way the platform can build many unique websites custom tailored for specific business and marketing processes. Much more unique than a template downloaded by thousands of other people.