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Applications that help you drive interest in your site.

Custom Widgets

Create completely custom widgets using CSS, Javascript, HTML, and images. These widgets can be embedded on any page of the site.

Business Listings

List businesses such as affiliates, partners, clients, or companies you've worked for on your website. Include contact information and social media profiles.


Control your own resume page with links to employers, projects, and references.


Assemble historical time lines of events with titles, descriptions, and images. A great way to tell a story about anything.

Photo Gallery

Easily upload and list images in a gallery optimized for viewing on computers and mobile devices. We list your images with Google and allow you to embed the image gallery in business listings, events, and other features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly create an FAQ page and embed any of the questions and answers in other features like the events page, shopping cart, or menu.


Create instructions of any kind including steps, ingredients, and timing information.


Create arbitrary collections of applications. For example create a page that includes music, events, and movies for a specific genre.

List Bands

List band profiles for performers palying at your events or musicians you work with. A great way to feature artists and it works with the music application.

Press Releases

List all the places you've been mentioned in the press. Gain credibility and confidence with your clients.

Home Page

Showcase the most importnat and highest convertiing content on your home page..

Food Or Service Menu

Create a menu of items or services you offer and specify availability times. You can connect your menu with items in your shopping cart.


Create blog posts on any topic by directly editing the post so it looks exactly like you save it. Include images, headings, and links. Blog posts can be directly embedded into almost anything like events, people profiles, galleries, and many more.

People Profiles

Create a list of people in categories on your website. Include their social media profiles and contact information. Perfect for creating a team page or affiliate list. Embed people profiles on event pages and your about page.

Reading List

Create lists of books and other print material with links to authors, downloads, and reviews. AwareLabs will automatically create all the rich snippet data to enhance search result listings for each book you add.

Music Play List

Create lists and reviews of songs and artists with links to iTunes, SoundCloud, Amazon, and Pandora. When you include a link to SoundCloud, YouTube, or Vimeo the song widget is automatically embedded in the page letting visitors listen to it on your site.

Movie List

Create lists and reviews of movies with links to online resources like iTunes, NetFlix, Amazon, and Rotten Tomatoes. When you include a link to YouTube or Vimeo the video is automatically embedded in the page letting visitors watch it on your site.

Terms Of Service

Instantly activate a terms of service agreement and privacy agreement on the website.

Document Download

Store documents online and share them with everyone on your site or just a few people that you invite.

Restaurant Reviews

List and review your own restaurants and local businesses. Includes distance and directions to each establishment from your location.


Collect customer feedback and information using these applications.

Loyalty Rewards

Offer rewards and sell gift cards on the website. Customers can gift virtual cards or redeem them at your location using the AwareLabs point of sale app.

Landing Pages

Deploy a sophisticated optimized landing page in seconds. Choose which information to show the visitor and collect from the lead.


Create a newsletter by picking what you want to send and to whom, yes its that easy. We handle layout, formatting, and tracking. Your email list is automatically built from people interacting with your site through purchases, contacts, invoices, job boards, or subscriptions. Include a subscription form on any page with t he click of a button.


Solicit testimonials from any page, invoices, or receipts. Automatically added GRAVATARS and custom quotes make testimonails look great.

Job Listing

Create job postings and take applications online. Create them for your business or your community. Even allow others to post jobs on your site with your approval.

Contact Us

Activate a contact page that will present your contact information as well as a form that emails you. All contact requests are saved to your dashboard and can be marked as resolved. Can notify multiple people on your team.


Create interactive online surveys you can share on social media or with your subscribers. Publish survey data with a click of the button or generate cu stomer segmentation for your newsletters.


Actively market to site visitors and customers using these applications.

Beta Lock Screen

Not ready to launch yet? Put up a splash screen collecting emails of future visitors for your newsletter. Your site will be locked for everyone except you and the people you invite until you launch.

Fast Setup

Configure all your applications from one spot, add a custom email, and manage your payment accounts in one location.


Collect payments and generate revenue using these applications.


Sell things online with product listings, inventory controls, built in shipping calculator, and sales reports. Payments are handled through WePay which you set up from within our dashboard. Tie your store into other features like, events, menus, galleries, and blog posts just to name a few.


Want to send invoices to clients and have them land on your website instead of some third party application? Look more professional with an invoicing application built right into your site.

Event Tickets

Create a calendar of events anyone can add to their Google or iPhone calendar. Create one time or repeating events. Attach the a gallery or blog post to any event, plus you can list items from your shopping cart for each event.


Set a goal, add some information and collect contributions online. We automatically send thank you emails and handle progress tracking.


Offer bundled purchases that can be redeemed one item at a time. Customers buy a package online, you use the point of slae application to track redemption.

Not Sure How To Combine The Applications?
Use Our Guides To Assemble Your Site

Does AwareLabs use templates?

Yes, AwareLabs gives you the ability to change your template as many times as you want without breaking your site. Each application will automatically adjust to the new theme. This gives you the ability to create content now and change your site template later.

I can build a site on my phone?

Yes, AwareLabs is so easy to use you can actually build a website completely using a phone or tablet. You can change the website as often as you like.

Are all the applications free?

Yes, every application is included in the monthly subscription price, there are no additional fees for any of the applicatons aside from credit card processing fees for applications that require payments.

Are upgrades free?

Yes, we automatically upgrade AwareLabs weekly to keep up to date with web and marketing trends, your website will be magically and automatically upgraded for free every week or so.

Does AwareLabs use themes?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense. AwareLabs assembles your content to maximize user experience and usability, all you do is choose what you want on each page. Details like fonts, colors, and image layouts can be controlled using a simple dashboard and instantly apply to all your pages on the site. You can modify your content and theme as often as you like, everything just works.

Does AwareLabs use drag and drop?

No, you've got better things to do than drag and drop pixels all day long. AwareLabs is built to get out of your way, your idea is bigger than twiddling pixels page by page. With AwareLabs you activate the capabilities you need to achieve your goal, add the content, and the site is built for you in an optimized way. With AwareLabs, by simply adding content, you can build dozens of complex pages in seconds that help you reach your goal faster.