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A Guide To The Best Online Marketing For Small Business

The best online marketing for small business is having a site that gets customers through the door, no more and no less.   So how does a website get customers through the door these days?  By being found, its more importnat than ever to have a site that is well connected to the places where customers search.  The best online marketing for small business today is to build a small convenient website quickly and connect it to as many promotional resources as possible online.

Start With A Small Convenient WebsiteBugs Bunny Opens Door For Coyote Its all about convenience, your customers want their questions answered easily and quickly.  If you provide that level of service on your website, they will walk through your door.  If you own a restaurant, customers want to see a menu, hours, directions, prices, and some photos of the decor.  Build your website with three pages and all those components and you'll be done.  There is no point in building too much, its costly and time consuming difficult to maintain.  You need to save your time and money for the real marketing effort.

Then Do The Real Online MarketingBugs Bunny BullIf you want your website to send customers through your door, you need to put your website in front if customers.  The truth is websites are necessary but having one doesn't guarantee customers.  The real online marketing effort is connecting your small convenient website to all the places your customers frequent online.  Advertising seems like the best online marketing option because it promises absolute results and a low time investment.  Both assertions are absolutely false, effective online advertising can be the most time consuming hazy endeavor a business owner takes on.  Thats why an entire industry has sprung up around managing your online advertising, its not easy.

The best online marketing for small business is the kind that gets done quickly plus easily and lasts for a long time.  Its called organic marketing, the process by which you insert your small business in front of online customers who are already looking for your product or service.  Organic marketing is an order of magnitude more effective in driving traffic and converting customers.  Its not just Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), the web is more than Google these days.  The beauty of organic marketing, is you can do it once and the effects last a very long time, so time investment is low and results are high.

To execute an online organic marketing campaign on your small convenient website, you need to create a few online profiles to feature your business, then list your website in as many online resources for customers as possible.  There are hundreds of sites and directories that attract customers looking for your business.  Leverage them, if your site gets listed in 100 online directories and each one delivers 5 customers a month, you have 500 customers.  At $20 a sale, thats $1,000 of revenue per month, for a few hours of work to get your website listed properly.  

Dirty Secret Villain Twisting MoustacheKnow The Dirty Secret The Industry Won't Tell YouThats the best online marketing for small business is lots of small incremental tasks that add up to produce significant results over time.  Its the dirty secret the industry won't tell you, its work anyone can do.  The irony is, doing the steady work takes less time than trying to find short cuts and the results are better.  As a business owner you will save time and money doing some very basic marketing tasks that will outperform any outsourced effort.

For a complete guide to over 350 best online marketing steps, from website setup, to directory listings, get a guide to show you the steps.  We recommend you use the AwareLabs Online Marketing Guide for best online marketing results.

Written By: Paul Kenjora

Paul Kenjora is the Product Manager and founder at AwareLabs, a company that provides the next generation website builder for small businesses. He has 10+ years product development experience, has launched sites netting millions of visits a day, and has consulted for fortune 500 companies.