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Coffee Shop Marketing Ideas You Can Do Right Now

Coffee Shop Marketing Guide ( )
For Coffe Shop OwnersIf you're here, odds are you're a coffee shop owner looking for help getting more customers through your doors. Don't feel overwhelmed, its not impossible, there is a science to it. Keep reading, you'll be pleasantly surprised how little time and effort it takes to get your coffee shop set up for success.

What We TriedA few months back we decided to put the AwareLabs Online Marketing Guide to the test on a few coffee shops. For a few minutes of work here and there working through the guide, each coffee shop was able to very measurably increase foot traffic and cash register sales. We're talking going from barely making the monthly bills, to hiring additional baristas progress, all from following our guide.

Unlike cookie cutter solutions pitched by the cold calls we're sure you've gotten, we were able to achieve results without gimmicks, daily tweets, back link schemes, or elaborate blogging campaigns. Why? Because coffee shop owners are busy enough running coffee shops, we focused on whats realistic. The last thing you want is the responsibility of maintaining a blog you don't want. 

Why It WorksAt the core of their success was following the AwareLabs Online Marketing Guide one step at a time. The owners had the security of knowing they were doing the right marketing tasks in the right order, no second guessing. We designed the guide to build on itself, as you complete tasks they amplify the effect of future marketing efforts.

The key as it turns out is having the owner do each task themselves. Each coffee shop is slightly different, based on location, clients, and even the persona of the owner. Those nuances are missed by outsourcing the online marketing process. Your coffee shop becomes an account number and you end up paying lots of money for a half baked online marketing campaign. Working through the online marketing guide one step at a time, allowed to owners to stay focused, trust their work, and produce a laser focused online marketing campaign that crushed the competition. We made it easy, every step is doable in minutes. 

The ResultsBy the time each coffee shop owner arrived at the Online Listings Phase, their site was showing up on peoples phones in the map search, on search engines for searches like "great coffee in Phoenix", and customers were doing all their social media work for them. The slow and steady progress through the guide positioned their coffee shops ideally for online marketing forever. The owners now have an online marketing platform in place that is paying dividends, ensuring they are free to focus on their business.

This type of marketing foundation is what AwareLabs delivers, a worry free, no second guessing, online marketing setup for your coffee shop. Our online marketing guide costs less than $100 and delivers a better, more realistic online marketing campaign for your coffee shop than thousand dollar a month agency plans. Our priority is getting you referral, not milking you for $2,500 a month. Try the AwareLabs Online Marketing Guide for your coffee shop and get more cash in your register.

Written By: Paul Kenjora

Paul Kenjora is the Product Manager and founder at AwareLabs, a company that provides the next generation website builder for small businesses. He has 10+ years product development experience, has launched sites netting millions of visits a day, and has consulted for fortune 500 companies.