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Full Service Internet Marketing For Small Business

Cute SecretaryDoes "full service" mean having a cute 22 year old secretary?So many agencies promise full service but what does that mean for small business owners?  Does "full service" mean having a cute 22 year old secretary?  Does it mean meeting in a room designed to look like a garage?  Or does it simply mean writing blank checks and being told "you can't measure marketing directly".

If you ask us,  a local coffee shop owner, or the founder of a sub million dollar startup, all that sounds like a luxury not a necessity.  The reality of small business is that necessity takes precedence over luxury.  Thats why at AwareLabs we've decided to skip the cute secretary, work out of an actual garage, and measure marketing progress directly.

Announcing our $2,499 full service package.Announcing our $2,499 full service marketing package.  Small business owners and startup founders can now click a button and one of our team members will work through the entire AwareLabs marketing guide for them, within 4 weeks.  We will request 2 hours of meeting time with the business owner to gather critical data, then execute the marketing plan.
Marketing Kick Start Guide
Try to get an agency to do your online marketing for $2,499.  That won't even cover their faux graffiti art, not to mention the executive perks.  Small business owners don't need pampering, we need customers.  The web is ready, we have the tools, its time to make online marketing real and accessible to small business.  If you have a small business or startup kick start your marketing campaign with AwareLabs and get results, not sparkling mineral water.

We will continue to provide the $95 do-it-yourself marketing guide.  You can upgrade to the $2,499 full service package anytime.  Small business owners and startup founders can start marketing here... 

Written By: Paul Kenjora

Paul Kenjora is the Product Manager and founder at AwareLabs, a company that provides the next generation website builder for small businesses. He has 10+ years product development experience, has launched sites netting millions of visits a day, and has consulted for fortune 500 companies.