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Get Your Marketing News Using Flipboard

Flipboard is an innocent looking phone and tablet application that is changing the way we read our marketing news at AwareLabs.  As marketers, we need to stay on top of marketing news quickly, easily, and reliably.  Browsing popular sources like marketing association websites, technology sites like Hacker News, and various aggregators like Reddit takes too much time.    There is too much news out there.  If you're busy juggling clients and staying up to date on marketing news, get the Flipboard app.
Flipboard Application Infographic
Flipboard solves that problem for us by presenting a marketing news channel we can flip through and self filter.  Every article is presented as a short summary, usually with an image.  We can review the topic, then quickly decide to skip or deep dive.  A swipe of the finger tip and we're reading the details of the article and sharing with our social networks or co-workers via email.

Reading Marketing News Using Flipboard

Flipboard Cover Stories Screen ShotFlipboard Channels Screen Shot Showing Marketing NewsGet The AppDownload Fliboard onto your iPhone, iPad, or Androind device. It installs in seconds, you will need to provide your email.

Add Marketing NewsAdd a Marketing Channel by searching "Marketing" in My Flipboard.  Start with the general term marketing, the app will automatically recommend more detailed channels like "Marketing And Social Media".

Flipboard Marketing News Story Screen ShotFlipboard Markting News Story Screen ShotBrowse Marketing StoriesBrowse all the stories quickly one screen at a time.  Looking over the title, photo, and first few lines of text from any marketing news story lets you easily decide if its worth reading.

Deep Dive Into Each News StorySwipe your thumb over the screen to easily read the full news story.  Flipboard formats the content to be readable.

Share Marketing NewsClick the share button to quickly bookmark or share the marketing news story on any social network.

Written By: Paul Kenjora

Paul Kenjora is the Product Manager and founder at AwareLabs, a company that provides the next generation website builder for small businesses. He has 10+ years product development experience, has launched sites netting millions of visits a day, and has consulted for fortune 500 companies.