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How Much Does A Blog Website Cost

Blogging has been around for over a decade and in that time it has changed the internet as much as the internet has changed around it.  Blog websites started as hobby sites, grew to be a source of revenue when combined with online advertising, and eventually even started displacing major media outlets as a form of news and media.  To stay relevant blogs have had to evolve into full websites with social media, comments, newsletters, banners, contact pages, author bios, and even help sections.  Luckily technology has not only facilitated more complex blog sites but reduced the cost over time. The following data has been sourced from our website builder cost calculator.Hours Required To Build A Blog WebsiteDepending on your professional background, these hours may look like too much or too little.  Keep in mind that a modern blog website must include features like newsletters, social media integration, responsive design, and commenting systems.  All these pieces add up to significant development, design, integration, and content hours.  Put a price on those skills and hours and the costs really start to add up.
Costs Required To Build A Blog Website
Custom Built Blog WebsiteWith a hefty price tag of $18,950 to custom build a blog website from the ground up, its understandable why almost no one takes this approach anymore.  The 213 cumulative labor hours of development, design, integration, and content required just to launch a blog website put it out of reach of most individuals and small businesses.  Although a custom built site would provide a much better platform for marketing, most blogs are outsourced to 3rd party tools.

WordPress Built Blog WebsiteThe godfather of blog websites, WordPress has been around since the inception of blogging.  Leveraging platforms like WordPress drops the price of a blog website to $6,475.  At a three fold price cut and a reduction of hours to just 101, its clear why WordPress became the darling of small agencies and consultants.  It empowered them to bring blog website development within the price point of small and medium sized businesses, fueling an entire industry.  The achilles heel of WordPress is maintenance, over time open source software needs upgrades and replacements. In most cases it simply costs to much to keep developers on staff to address long term maintenance issues.

Drag And Drop Built Blog WebsiteIn an effort to drive down prices, drag and drop website builders stepped in with the ability to deliver a blogging website for $3,110.  With no development hours, and most of the 46 hours required to assemble a blog site using drag and drop focused on design, these platforms gained rapid adoption among designers.  The boutique design firm was born,  able to deliver a competitive great looking site to small businesses and some individuals at an affordable price.   The draw back is simple, literally, the sites are often too simple and require integration with many 3rd party services to provide blogging features like newsletters or comments.   Again over time, maintenance becomes an issue.

AwareLabs Built Blog WebsiteThe trend in blog website building cost reduction continues with AwareLabs.  Leveraging their best of both worlds approach, a blog website can be built in 14 hours for $693.  This places AwareLabs squarely in the affordable blog website for individuals and small businesses. Instead of bogging bloggers with development or design, AwareLabs allows users to dive immediately into content creation.  With the blog, newsletter, comments, and social media already integrated, sending a newsletter is as easy as picking a segment, choosing the blog posts to promote, and clicking send.  Thats the future of blog website building and thats how real people use a blog website.

Written By: Paul Kenjora

Paul Kenjora is the Product Manager and founder at AwareLabs, a company that provides the next generation website builder for small businesses. He has 10+ years product development experience, has launched sites netting millions of visits a day, and has consulted for fortune 500 companies.