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Imagine If SEO / SMO Consultants Could Charge Hourly Rates

Evolution Of A Lego PersonImagine a world where clients were buying marketing time instead of promises, things would be much simpler for everyone. Neither businesses nor SEO / SMO consultants are comfortable with open ended contracts. Businesses don't know what to expect and consultants don't know what to promise. AwareLabs is changing the industry by setting clear expectations with businesses and providing consultants with the ability to charge per hour of work.

AwareLabs Sets Clear Expectations For Business Owners
When business owners have clear expectations of work performed they are more likely to engage a consultant. If businesses could purchase SEO / SMO services like PPC campaigns, consultants would land many more deals. The entire service contract is usually based on client expectations which are nearly impossible to set without over promising, which ultimately leads to a cancellation when those expectations aren't met. AwareLabs not only helps set clear expectations with business owners through well defined marketing tasks but also gives the consultant an attainable goal.

AwareLabs Ensures Consultants Can Charge Hourly Rates
When consultants can demonstrate a clear list of daily tasks completed, the cost of their expertise and work is easier to justify. Success in SEO / SMO marketing is dependent on so many factors beyond the consultant's sphere of influence its often difficult to reach goals no matter how many hours the consultant puts into the campaign. If a clients site is poorly structured or lacking content, even the most savvy consultant will have a hard time maximizing traffic and conversions. With AwareLabs consultants can avoid under charging because tasks are clearly defined for each day, its just a matter of completing them.

AwareLabs Sells SEO / SMO As Daily Units Of Work
By providing a clear list of daily marketing tasks, AwareLabs makes it easy to sell units of SEO / SMO work. The AwareLabs marketing platform is a tested optimized step by step marketing platform that sets clear time commitments and goals so consultants and business owners know exactly what to expect. The relationship is simple, business owners populate a list of target markets, consultants spend an hour a day engaging those markets using the AwareLabs marketing process. The clear relationship between consultant and client provided by AwareLabs is key to getting and keeping contracts.

The AwareLabs platform has turned SEO / SMO into daily units of work, making the conversation between consultants and business owners clearer. Businesses are looking for SEO / SMO marketing solution as clear as Pay Per Click, AwareLabs is giving consultants the ability to deliver. Consultants using the AwareLabs platform should expect to onboard clients faster and keep them longer.

Written By: Paul Kenjora

Paul Kenjora is the Product Manager and founder at AwareLabs, a company that provides the next generation website builder for small businesses. He has 10+ years product development experience, has launched sites netting millions of visits a day, and has consulted for fortune 500 companies.