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Raising $5,000 In Four Screen Taps

Small business can have big impact, all it takes is the right tools and four screen taps.  When Chris McDonald from Big Sexy Racing wanted to help Hurricane Harvey survivors he called Laurent Painchaud of Streamline Agency and said "Make it happen."  Which is exactly what Laurent did as soon as he got off the phone with Chris, in four screen taps within AwareLabs, he switched to the AwareLabs mobile friendly admin on his phone browser and....

The Four Screen Taps
1. Tap the fundraising application.
2. Define the fundraiser and save.*
3. Tap the newsletter application.
4. Write a personal message, choose segments, and tap send.*
* We're not going to count the taps for each letter and field, that's a bit pedantic.

Fundraise For Harvey In 4 Screen Taps

This task was incredibly fast because all of the components necessary to create, market, and collect from a fundraising campaign are already integrated and optimized within AwareLabs.  The fundraising application is already tied into the site's payments system.  The newsletter is not only aware of all the site segments but knows exactly how to integrate the fundraiser into an email the moment it's created.  This let Laurent, in just a few mouse clicks, create a compelling call to action, market it, and have a tight knit community immediately hit his $5,000 goal.

By immediately, we mean within 20 minutes.  A $5,000 goal met in 20 minutes with the above content.  This is proof that straight forward honest copy works.  In 12 minutes on his cell phone Chris and Laurent were able to raise $5,000 for hurricane Harvey survivors.  That's incredible time value for a small business.

We're extremely happy with the good that AwareLabs lets people do in the world.  People like Chris McDonald and Laurent Painchaud are two small businesses that prove we can all have a big impact.

Written By: Shay Kenjora

Shay is the marketing director and co-founder at AwareLabs, a company that provides the next generation website builder for small businesses. When not working with small business owners, Shay spends time with her family and volunteers at a local school.