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Social Media Networking For Professionals With Deadlines

Social Media Networking Woman TextingSocial Media Networking
The process by which social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Quora are used to build up partner channels.  Typically for the purpose of creating sales channels for a business or product.  Unlike organic social media connections such as friends and family, social media networking is an active effort to build industry connections.

Professionals With Deadlines
Business owners and marketers optimize for time and money.  Even though everyone would like to have as many marketing channels as possible, in reality every business can only afford to build and maintain a few.  The first step in social networking is creating a process to find channels, the second is to evaluate those channels, and the third is to repeat the entire process and not get lost.

Building Your Social Media NetworkBuilding a network is a matter of consistency.  Consistency is easy, there are hundreds of quick and easy ways to cast a very large social footprint minutes a day.  For example:
( Facebook + LinkedIn + Google Plus ) * ( Likes + Posts + Comments ) = 9 ActionsSo only one like, post, and comment a day adds up to an activity a day for two business weeks.  Which is significant exposure for a social profile given the minutes invested each day.  Add to the mix a few targeted communities and the social footprint gets really large really fast:
 3 Communities Per Network * 9 Actions = 27 Social InteractionsThats one social media activity per day that translates into a month of unique opportunities to engage in social networking.  By keeping focused on likes, posts, and comments combined with just three groups or communities  a marketer can reach all the readers in those communities consistently.   This basic formula is how marketers can determine the speed with which to grow a social network,  more time and money means more communities per network and more interactions per day.

Evaluate Your Social NetworkOnce the network building process begins its just a matter of switching out poor performing communities and groups.  Its social media, through the regular engagement process a marketer will inherently notice which communities are worth keeping.  There will be groups that are easy to like, comment, and post to while others just won't mesh.  Its that drastic.  If the difference is really low, then either all the groups are bad or all really good, again easy to tell.  Statistics and conversion rates are too easily miscalculated in the social space, marketers should go with gut feeling.

Social Media Networking Expectations
At what rate should a social network grow?  The answer is at a constant rate.  Any social networking campaign executed in the manner listed above will grow steadily over time.  It should also pick up speed over time, yielding more connections per week each consecutive month.  The rate at which a network grows is relative to the number of communities engaged:
27 Social Interactions * 3 Average Connections = 81 Connections Per MonthAny marketer wanting to accelerate the process increases the number of communities or the quality of each community.  In either case the same process of engage and evaluate occurs so the two are one and the same.  The key is to stay disciplined and consistent in engaging repeatedly.  Thats where AwareLabs comes in.

Written By: Paul Kenjora

Paul Kenjora is the Product Manager and founder at AwareLabs, a company that provides the next generation website builder for small businesses. He has 10+ years product development experience, has launched sites netting millions of visits a day, and has consulted for fortune 500 companies.