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Website Builder Cost Calculator

Choose the features you want in your website, and get instant estimates on hours and costs using four different website building approaches.
Talent for coding (per hour).
Talent for layout and graphics (per hour).
Talent for technical setup (per hourl).
Talent for copy and photography (per hour).
Sliding banners at the top of each page.
Beta launch page requiring password to enter site.
WYSIWIG bloggins application.
List of books, magazines, or publications.
List of businesses or organizations.
User comments on each page with approval.
Contact page with map.
List of documents for download..
Events with tickets free or for sale plus RSVP.
Frequently asked questions and answers.
Fund raising application with perks.
Photo gallery.
Home page able to feature content from rest of site.
Customer invoicing and payment.
Job posting and application submission.
Optimized landing pages.
Loyalty rewards program and discounts.
Food, service, or item menu.
List of movies or videos with embedded player.
List of music or audio recordings.
Newsletter capable of sending site content.
List of people, personalities, or characters.
List of press, online references, or publications.
Ability for visitors to subscribe to newsletter updates.
Ability to build and review online form submissions.
Recipes or instructions with ingredients and steps.
List of resumes.
Full e-commerce capability with UPS delivery.
Ability to build surveys and graph responses.
Ability to solicit and display customer testimonials with star ratings.
Terms of service.

All estimates assume a fully functional launch ready site and are based on 2 years of roject research and development by the AwareLabs team. The purpose of this data is to illustrate the relative costs of using different website builders. Even though this is the most comprehensive, and we believe accurate tool, for estimating website hours and costs, no warranties can be or are made as to the ability of anyone to achieve the same exact results.

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Laurent Painchaud

Streamline is a new kind of digital marketing agency. With over 30 years of combined experience, our projects all aim at achieving better business flows. Whether you are only looking for a resource or if you would like an entire solution built for your organization, please contact us for a free consultation.

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Paul Kenjora

Helping people build websites with AwareLabs helps me make the platform better. I occasionally take on client work to help people with great ideas not just build a site but reach their market. Generally I'm available to help here and there on any AwareLabs site. When a project requires more attention I'm happy to refer you to one of the other AwareLabs geniuses.

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Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan was born right here in the heart of Phoenix at Good Sam (in a wing of the hospital that is no longer standing. He's always had a keen interest and passion in small business, social media and marketing, using his own creative ideas to engage with current and potential clientele. Being unique and different is only half of what makes Jonathan's approach sing a fine tune. The other half is AwareLabs.

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These consultants are trained and certified in AwareLabs website building. To become a certified Awarelabs consultant and be listed here, please Contact Us.