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Why is a credit card required for a free trial?

We want to limit free trials to one trial per person. Asking for payment information ahead of time helps us work with customers who are committed to building a website and simply want to try AwareLabs before being billed. This helps us keep costs low for our entire community of users.

Is AwareLabs a Content Management System ( CMS ) ?

Yes, and so much more. AwareLabs not only manages content but sales and marketing all in one place. Imagine a CMS with all the 3rd party tools you have to get, already built right into the platform.

Does AwareLabs use themes?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense. AwareLabs assembles your content to maximize user experience and usability, all you do is choose what you want on each page. Details like fonts, colors, and image layouts can be controlled using a simple dashboard and instantly apply to all your pages on the site. You can modify your content and theme as often as you like, everything just works.

Does AwareLabs use drag and drop?

No, you've got better things to do than drag and drop pixels all day long. AwareLabs is built to get out of your way, your idea is bigger than twiddling pixels page by page. With AwareLabs you activate the capabilities you need to achieve your goal, add the content, and the site is built for you in an optimized way. With AwareLabs, by simply adding content, you can build dozens of complex pages in seconds that help you reach your goal faster.

Does AwareLabs support artificial intelligence?

No, we prefer actual intelligence. Your website exists to fulfill a purpose, every capability AwareLabs provides has been built by professional designers and developers with best practices, lessons learned, and user experience in mind. Every page you assemble using those capabilities has intelligence already built into it to give you the best results possible.

Is AwareLabs really free?

Yes, if you cancel within the free trial period there is absolutely no charge to your credit card. We don't even keep your card on file. We ONLY take payment information up front to reduce abuse of our free trial.

How is AwareLabs more human?

Our core values are about treating people like good people because we want to work with good people. Being more human isn't only how our platform works, or how your website will work, its about how the world could work.

We work every day to bring these values to our platform and our corporate culture. Currently, we provide live phone support ( yes the phone number on the contact page calls a person ) for every customer, offer advice and listen to feedback on every call. We help clients overcome obstacles when building a site and strive to help each client succeed in their goals.

Try working with us, its nice to work with good people.

Can you build my site for me?

Yes, we work with consultants who specialize in building AwareLabs websites really fast and cost effectively. However, to set expectations, you as the owner of the site and it's vision need to be involved in the content creation. Someone can assemble the site for you but you need to tell them what to you want the site to say about your idea.