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How To Build A Coffee Shop Website Using AwareLabs


Build a complete search optimized coffee shop site in 37 steps and 1 Hours 47 Minutes. Try it.

Your coffee shop is all about presenting an atmosphere and a presence to your local community. Remember you are attracting customers from a small area around your shop, any marketing tasks you undertake must be effective locally. The key to your website will be content that highlights your brand and atmosphere. The strategy below leverages the strengths of what a coffee shop already does to create a solid online presence. Some of the steps depend on each other, you can always come back and complete the remaining tasks later.

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A Step By Step Coffee Shop Process

Don't just build a site, AwareLabs will show you how to build marketing conversion funnels too.

Online Sales

The shop should complement the online menu and offer convenience to customers who want to enjoy your coffee at home. Every bag of coffee sold is someone introducing their friends to your coffee at home.

Customer Reviews

Customer testimonials are an amazing way to endorse the quality of your coffee shop. Collect them and feature them on your own website, don't rely only on Yelp for customer appreciation.

Coffee Menu

The menu should match what you have up in the coffee shop exactly. Take photos in your shop, authentic photos make up in atmosphere what they may lack in professional quality.


Choose an earth tome color scheme for your coffee shop that matches your in store atmosphere. Also be sure to provide all contact and address information so your coffee shop site can be found by search engines and people alike.


Customers have questions, address them on your website to show that you listen. The smoother the experience on the website, the more likely a customer will walk through your coffee shop door.

Brew Recipes

Recipes should include not just how to make the coffee you sell well, but also sides that go great with your coffee. Give your customers ideas on how to best enjoy your coffee and they will buy more.

Local Events

Coffee shops are meeting places, date destinations, and generally places where people assemble. Fuel that behavior with events, both in house and local. Events help drive not just search engine visitors but people through your door trying your coffee for the first time.


Baristas absolutely represent your coffee shop in person at the register, introduce them to people on your website as well. Having baristas on your coffee shop website adds a more human element and increases the likelihood of a customer walking through your door.

Contact Us

Sometimes a customer just wants driving directions, sometimes they want to book and event at the shop, and sometimes they just want to ask about hours. The contact page offers all these options.

Ambient Musc

The music at a coffee shop makes or breaks the atmosphere for people. Tell people what you play on the website, so when they come in they love it. Its also an opportunity to feature local bands for extra awesome points.

Press Coverage

Press coverage is great at driving initial customer traffic to the coffee shop. Long term press releases serve to endorse coffee shop perception, list all the press coverage received.

Welcome Customers

Monthly Newsletter

Having a newsletter tied right into the coffee shop website makes it easy to produce monthly newsletters that promote upcoming events and drive traffic through the coffee shop door.

Coffee Gallery

Coffee shops are content producing machines, everything from latte art to events generate amazing photo opportunities. Showcase them on your site, then share those galleries on social media, you'll see your traffic skyrocket.

When you sign up to build a Coffee Shop website, the AwareLabs platform will walk you through the whole guide one step at a time. You'll have a great site without the guess work. If you need help, change your plan, then change it back anytime, no contracts. Pick the service you need that month, then change it back when you don't. Pay only for what you need.

You Have Options

DIY - you build it
$30 / month
GUIDED - we help build it
$97 / month
ASSISTANT - we help market it
$197 / month
AGENCY - we build and market it
$297 / month

Our Clients Love Our Work

Awarelabs is a fundamental change in how websites are built. Just add content and marketing happens, its a real game changer.

Jonathan Caroll

Marketing Director
1912 Coffee
AwareLabs is the first business centric website builder. Its built in guides and applications are designed to drive engagement.

Brandon Mason

Lead Developer
Torchlight Software
AwareLabs has changed the way we build websites. We can now consistently drive visitors and sales for our clients. It's made my consultancy enjoyable.

Laurent Painchaud

Chief Marketing Officer
Streamline Agency

Examples Of Live Sites Built With AwareLabs

3 Years, 5 Months With AwareLabs

When Clown Town wanted to update their WordPress site because it was holding them back, they turned to and Awarelabs consultant named Jonathan. Within hours he was able to assemble the essentials for any event, including sponsors, landing pages, press releases, and social media integration. Now with the site done quickly and cost effectively, Clowntown organizers can budget more for the event. Updates are easy and as the event matures AwareLabs has applications that work ready to be deployed.

Custom Site By AwareLabs Consultant

This site was built using a custom guide which can be designed by an AwareLabs Consultants to include a custom mix of applications and search engine optimization keywords to meet the needs of a sepcific business or location.

Website Statistics

build69 Pages Built
remove_red_eye29518 Times Viewed
email8 Emails Sent
4 Blog Posts
28 Business Partners
147 Contacts Reached
2 Downloadable Documents
3 Events Promoted
12 Questions And Answers
1 Fundraisers Active
171 Photos In Gallery
1 Landing Pages
1 Menu Items
9 Movies Embeded
1 Newsletters Drafted
10 Press Mentions
13 Items For Sale
6 Surveys Asked
17 Testimonials Given

You can get these results too, start the process today...

5 Years, 7 Months With AwareLabs

Selling road bikes that cost several thousand dollars each is no easy task. For Bike Depot, the key was merging national brands with local content. With AwareLabs, we were able to create a site that showcases bikes from manufacturers, creates an amazing responsive online presence, and relates them to local cycling events and riding groups. This merger of national and local not only improved search ranking tremendously but gave Bike Depot the ability to create an online conversion funnel.

How To Build A Multisport Speed Shop Website

Build a complete search optimized multisport speed shop site in 52 steps and 2 Hours 44 Minutes. Try it.

Website Statistics

build70 Pages Built
remove_red_eye142808 Times Viewed
1 Blog Posts
1 Books Reviewed
11 Business Partners
3472 Contacts Reached
comment2 Visitor Comments
2 Events Promoted
3 Questions And Answers
1 Fundraisers Active
141 Photos In Gallery
2 Landing Pages
17 Movies Embeded
1 Newsletters Drafted
4 People Profiles
2 Recipes Given
2 Surveys Asked
33 Testimonials Given
1 Interactive Widgets

You can get these results too, start the process today...

5 Years, 4 Months With AwareLabs

Casual Cuffs started with a simple premise, leverage their website to promote cuffs at local events and partner with local retail stores to drive sales growth. The site helped them go from their first sale to regularly being featured by local celebrities and reselling through dozens of vendors. AwareLabs has kept up with their growth and delivered on its promise of not distracting them from focusing on sales and growth.

How To Build An Online Store Website

Build a complete search optimized online store site in 32 steps and 1 Hours 56 Minutes. Try it.

Website Statistics

build95 Pages Built
remove_red_eye255175 Times Viewed
email2264 Emails Sent
1 Blog Posts
30 Business Partners
2282 Contacts Reached
4 Events Promoted
12 Questions And Answers
27 Photos In Gallery
8 Newsletters Drafted
1 People Profiles
2 Press Mentions
45 Items For Sale
1 Surveys Asked
19 Testimonials Given
1 Interactive Widgets

You can get these results too, start the process today...

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