One Simple Price For Personal Or Business

$30 Per Month For First 100 Pages

+$10 Per Month For Additional 100 Pages

Lego Man Patent Diagram Please make my pricing plan as complicated as possible.- Said No One Ever

What is considered a page?

A page is any unique URL on your site like the home page, a contact page, a survey page, a blog post, or a shopping cart page. You will be prompted to purchase an addition block of pages if you hit your page limit.

How long are your contracts?

All contracts are month to month billed via credit card. You can cancel anytime no questions asked. Cancelled websites are stored up to a year in backup.

Can I use a custom domain?

Yes, in your dashboard you can change the domain name of your website anytime. Changes take effect second after you add the domain name.

Do you provide analytics?

Yes, AwareLabs has built in statistics in the dashboard describing visits, sales, and click throughs. In addition you can add a Google Analytics token to the site for full in depth tracking.

Can I sell things on my site?

For features using payments, like e-commerce or subscriptions, we are integrated with WePay. In your AwareLabs dashboard you will be able to create a WePay account on the fly and connect it to your bank.

How much does WePay cost?

WePay charges 2.9% + 30¢ for Credit Card and 1% + 30¢ for Bank payments. For more information on pricing and volume discounts contact WePay.

Can I download AwareLabs?

No, AwareLabs is designed to be hassle free, that includes not having to worry about hosting and technical details. Your data and images are avaialble for download in standard spread sheet formats any technical developer can easily deploy to another platform.

Can I customize the site?

Yes, AwareLabs offers a over 1000+ combinations of backgrounds, fonts, colors, and borders you can adjust on your site at any time without breaking any content you've created. Certain aspects of the site like layouts, responsivness, and mobile have been optimized by Awarelabs for the best user experience and conversion rates possible. You have the control to create a unique site matching your brand without the headache of customizing themes.

Do you offer email accounts?

While AwareLabs does not provide email accounts, you can easily use your existing email or a new domain specific GMail account.

Do you offer discounts?

We periodically offer discounts to existing customers as a thank you for being with us for a while, in exchange for referrals, or on special occasions. We reward our existing customers first and foremost.