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Revision 3.10

Polishing up a few of the applications with help and better usability.

Automatic Improvements To Your Website


Improved Blog Editing Interface

  • All tools now hover for better mobile editing.
  • Inserting headings and links is easier.
  • Save option stays on the same page.
  • Improved help for how to use editor.

WePay Signup Simplified

  • No more copy and paste of codes.
  • Sign up for wepay from the site.
  • Manage multiple WePay accounts from the site.
  • Improved help on how to setup payments.

Theme Editor Slides

  • Theme editing can be hidden or shown.
  • Better mobile experience for editor.


Fixed Job Application Form

  • Enabling and disabling job application works.
  • Submitting job application now works.


Better Contact Page

  • Contact page now supports banners.
  • New layout is more big screen friendly.

Added Google Meta Data

  • Added site wide Google meta data.
  • Improved SEO.

Added Categories

  • Questionnaires now support categories.


Added Categories

  • Surveys now support categories.

Search Box

  • Whenever 7 or more items are shown in a list a search box appears.
  • The search box can search any text visible in the list for any record.
  • Admin lists now work even better on mobile.


Improved Targeting

  • You can now choose recipients based on their action on the website.
  • People that are unsubscribed are automatically removed.

Google Meta Data Added

  • Events now has improved meta data that includes ticket sales.
  • Blog automatically adds posts to google blog search.
  • Fixed all unlinked tasks in marketing guides.

Thank You For The Kind Words

AwareLabs is the first business centric website builder. Its built in guides and applications are designed to drive engagement.

Brandon Mason

Lead Developer
Torchlight Software
Awarelabs is a fundamental change in how websites are built. Just add content and marketing happens, its a real game changer.

Jonathan Caroll

Marketing Director
1912 Coffee
AwareLabs has changed the way we build websites. We can now consistently drive visitors and sales for our clients. It's made my consultancy enjoyable.

Laurent Painchaud

Chief Marketing Officer
Streamline Agency