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Revision 3.11

Complete overhaul of themes to improve aesthetics.

Automatic Improvements To Your Website



  • Replaced color and border selection with theme selection.
  • Themes are pre-designed to look good and unique with your content.
  • Layouts vastly improved for all applications.


Sexier Testimonials

  • Images for people added.
  • Images automatically load if available.
  • Quote option to display only part of testimonial.
  • Fixed testimonial submit bug.

Improved Navigation And Sorting

  • Back buttons on every page.
  • Application switching made easier.
  • Sort items faster on main list pages.
  • Page layout controls have drag and drop sorting.

Text Over Banner Available

  • Banners can now display mobile friendly text.
  • AwareLabs automatically selects best color for text over banner image.
  • Banner text readability can be improved using...
  • Blur banner image.
  • Color banner image.
  • Hover box behind banner text.
  • No effect, if you want your own readability control.

Performance Alerts

  • AwareLabs analyzes your site in real time and shows improvements you can make.
  • Alerts monitor usability, search, social, and conversion issues.
  • Each alert links to the place in the admin where the fix needs to happen.

Item Sorting

  • Sorting items is faster and simpler.
  • Click to select item, then click to place it in a different order.

Page Labels Modification

  • Editing minor page text such as buttons or shopping cart instructions is now categorized by page.
  • Less confusion as to what text belongs where.
  • All email text now editable.

Sexier Comments

  • Comments now include images if the person provided an email with a gravatar associated.

More Connections

  • Any application can now be connected to any other application.
  • To connect, an application must be activated first.


Sexier Funds

  • General contributions can now go to a specific perk.
  • Removed confusing extra options.

Improved Forms

  • Better looking questionnaire form.
  • Option to ask for name, email, or phone.
  • Now integrated with Newsletter application.


Improved Forms

  • Better looking survey form.


Improved Order Management

  • Simplified order list.
  • Improved order editing.
  • Check WePay status from order page.
  • Improved packing slips and receipts.
  • Better photos next to items.

Updated WePay Integration

  • WePay has updated their API.
  • AwareLabs has updated your website to work with it.

Thank You For The Kind Words

Awarelabs is a fundamental change in how websites are built. Just add content and marketing happens, its a real game changer.

Jonathan Caroll

Marketing Director
1912 Coffee
AwareLabs is the first business centric website builder. Its built in guides and applications are designed to drive engagement.

Brandon Mason

Lead Developer
Torchlight Software
AwareLabs has changed the way we build websites. We can now consistently drive visitors and sales for our clients. It's made my consultancy enjoyable.

Laurent Painchaud

Chief Marketing Officer
Streamline Agency