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Revision 3.23

We've improved several applications and and changed the way things connect. This may affect your site so read on...

Automatic Improvements To Your Website

New Event Layouts


New Event Layouts

  • Events have a new layout that is meant to be more readable and in line with what a calendar looks like.
  • Also connecting events now has several embed options that will automatically filter expired events on connected pages.
  • DO NOT DELETE PAST EVENTS, they have tremendous SEO value, simply set the page connect option to show future events only.
Multiple Photo Uploads


Multiple Photo Uploads

  • Photos can now be uploaded in bulk. A progress bar will appear and the images will be added to the list as they are uploaded.
  • Also connections are now made to photos not galleries.
  • All galleries have been moved to categories.
Connections On Contact Page Work


Connections On Contact Page Work

  • The ability to make connections on the contact page is now restored. If had made connections in the past they would not show, now they will.
Social Media Tags


Social Media Tags

  • The site will only post content with social media tags to Twitter, so add the tags. Automation has to be enabled.
  • You can also use @username in the tags box in addition to #hashtag. No commas needed just use spaces.
New Category Layout


New Category Layout

  • Categories are now show at the top of an index page with images icons and text.
  • When no categories are present only items are shown.
Bread Crumbs Added


Bread Crumbs Added

  • Each page other than the home page now shows breadcrumbs at the bottom for easier navigation.
  • This also makes the site look cleaner.

Thank You For The Kind Words

AwareLabs is the first business centric website builder. Its built in guides and applications are designed to drive engagement.

Brandon Mason

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