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Revision 3.4

Your site now has smart layouts and more flexibility on how pages are arranged. Plus there are many bug fixes.

Automatic Improvements To Your Website


Layout Controls

  • You can now order items on a page any way you like.
  • Simply click on Settings -> Layout and re-arrange items on any page.

Smart Layout

  • Objects on a page are automatically arranged into a grid.
  • Depending on the number of items, objects are listed in 2s, 3s, or as a list.
  • Your page always looks good, the system fills any page so you don't have holes.

Speed Improvement

  • Your website will run a little bit faster for you.
  • Not noticeable for users but Google will love you more.


Past And Future Events

  • All events are automatically broken into past and future events.
  • This also works for categories.
  • Events also have label controls for the RSVP form now.
  • Tickets default to 0 for the RSVP ( instead of 1 ).
  • Repeat events show upcoming dates 30 days out.


Offer Loyalty Rewards

  • This is a new capability, its is still in early testing, look for full version next week.
  • On any page that has an action, you can offer a loyalty reward.
  • For example, leave a testimonial and receive $1.00 reward.
  • Next week users will be able to redeem rewards in the shop, events, and fundraisers.

Home Has Moved

  • To edit the home page click Home in the list of capabilities.
  • Featuring items is done from the Home Capability now, NO MORE featured checkmark.

Navigation Has Moved

  • You can still add pages to the menu like before.
  • Navigation groups ( collections of pages ) have become a Capability you need to activate now.
  • Navigation is used ONLY if you need to create a menu link that is a collection of other menus.
  • Anything you add to the Navigation Capability will appear as a Menu Group option.

Coming Up Next

  • Loyalty capability will tie in with website and in store POS.
  • Automated tests will be in place to reduce bugs and improve release times.
  • Labels for everything and more connections between capabilities.
  • Improved event RSVP handling.
  • Better shop order management.
  • Ability to upload your own videos.

Thank You For The Kind Words

AwareLabs is the first business centric website builder. Its built in guides and applications are designed to drive engagement.

Brandon Mason

Lead Developer
Torchlight Software
Awarelabs is a fundamental change in how websites are built. Just add content and marketing happens, its a real game changer.

Jonathan Caroll

Marketing Director
1912 Coffee
AwareLabs has changed the way we build websites. We can now consistently drive visitors and sales for our clients. It's made my consultancy enjoyable.

Laurent Painchaud

Chief Marketing Officer
Streamline Agency