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Revision 3.8

Added banner text and header decorations.

Automatic Improvements To Your Website


Banners now support text

  • Add text or a button to each banner.
  • Text will automatically scale on mobile devices.
  • Will improve colors and font effects over time.

Add effects to headers

  • Headers can now be decorated with shadow effects.
  • More options and better effects coming soon.

Review And Fix Theme

  • The number of themes has been reduced to 7.
  • Check your theme and make sure the colors are correct.
  • We will be adding more themes as time goes by.

Thank You For The Kind Words

AwareLabs is the first business centric website builder. Its built in guides and applications are designed to drive engagement.

Brandon Mason

Lead Developer
Torchlight Software
Awarelabs is a fundamental change in how websites are built. Just add content and marketing happens, its a real game changer.

Jonathan Caroll

Marketing Director
1912 Coffee
AwareLabs has changed the way we build websites. We can now consistently drive visitors and sales for our clients. It's made my consultancy enjoyable.

Laurent Painchaud

Chief Marketing Officer
Streamline Agency